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Doritos Mart

a game in fortnite + IRL

In 2022, Doritos found an authentic way to reach gamers with Triangle Island, a branded in-game destination in Fortnite, with mini games drawing inspiration from Doritos flavors.

In 2023, to build on that success and to launch the new Doritos Sweet & Tangy BBQ flavor, we brought an entire Doritos-branded superstore to Triangle Island, called Doritos Mart. The game was a fully Doritos-branded Prop Hunt, a popular “hide-and-seek” game mode in Fortnite. Gamers could enter the store map, hide as unique props inspired by Doritos flavors, get a bite inside Sweet & Tangy’s BBQ Restaurant, and shop ‘til their team dropped.

Next, we brought Doritos Mart to life at the largest gaming convention in the U.S., TwitchCon 2024 in Las Vegas. Convention-goers could physically enter the mart, play the new game mode on fully-loaded PCs, take selfies in the photo op, and find the hidden props IRL to win prizes and take home BBQ Doritos.